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Hire a Human-Centered Marketer

Every day thousands of companies burn through heaps of energy and money initiating relationships with prospects, only to put them into an archaic system made for the industrial era – the funnel.

They hope these prospects will move through several brand-centric stages and, eventually, become customers.

For most, they won’t.

Even if their funnel does create new sales, there’s plenty of “pipeline” that goes to waste, and with it, the time and money it took to put them there in the first place.

Human-centered marketing is designed for the digital era.

Rather than push prospects through a funnel, I use human-centered marketing to help companies create an efficient way to initiate the right prospect relationships, nurture them into customers, and identify when key relationships are slipping away before it’s too late.

My Services

Marketing Consulting

I work with brands to help them grow their customer relationships through content, email marketing, social media, and more. I learn about your brand and business model, we set specific marketing goals, and I work with you to manage marketing projects.

Content Strategy
There’s no silver bullet to make content drive business results. Whether you need to increase revenue or attract better customers, I’ll help you develop a content marketing strategy to overcome your business challenges and start creating content that helps your audience in a way no one else can.
What’s a content strategy without content? From blogs and social posts to ebooks and landing pages, I can assist with content creation and help you solve your key business and customer needs. With every content project, I research your target audience to ensure the tone and type of content are relevant.
Website Building
Having a digital home is good. Having a well-designed website is better. Getting your website to achieve business results is where I can help. No matter what type of work you do, there’s a creative way to showcase it and while providing content your website visitors need to take action.
Automation & CRM
Want to build and measure customer relationships with greater efficiency? Email, marketing automation, and CRM are the tools to make this happen. I can help you create emails and processes that increase engagement, personalize communications, and move prospects through the customer journey.
Persona Development
Who is your business for? What do needs do they have? What does their customer journey look like? Together we map out specific buyer personas and the kinds of content and sales support they’ll need throughout their buyer’s journey, before, during, and after the purchase.

A Bit More About Me

I began my marketing career in 2011 when I began writing sales and marketing content for an enterprise B2B tech company. Through my time and continuous learning, I worked on a variety of projects spanning the marketing realm, including email marketing and automation, content marketing, social media marketing, digital analytics, website content, and overall marketing strategy. As a consultant, I help B2B, B2C, and SaaS businesses grow through human-centered marketing via content, email, and social media marketing. With 5 years of B2B tech marketing experience and 2 years of product and services marketing, I know what it takes to grow your traffic and revenue.

In my personal life, I’m married to Stephanie, who is a marriage and family therapist. Our miniature labradoodle, Chandler, rounds out our little family. When we’re not working we can often be found hiking, walking La Jolla Cove, and finding other adventures in San Diego.

Nick Godwin

I write blog posts. Check them out.

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