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social:humanity was an idea conceived in 2014 in response to some trends in the digital marketing community.

Specifically, the way that brands treat digital mediums like traditional broadcast channels. This strategy dehumanizes the digital experience and creates an unbearable volume of noise. social:humanity’s goal is to change this.

The idea was simple. Digital mediums were made for human communication and relationships. To do truly effective marketing, we need a perspective with this in mind.

The vision was human-centered marketing. And the brand is called social:humanity.

That’s exactly what social:humanity is since launching in 2017. Rather than simply sounding human, brands could actually be human.

We truly believe that human-centered marketing is a powerful method that improves your business and life for the long term, not a fad tactic or strategy that you’ll have to abandon six months later. It drives us every day.

Who is social:humanity?

social:humanity is Nick Godwin. Nick has years of experience in corporate and digital marketing. Currently doing digital marketing in San Diego, he previously was a content marketer at SHI International and digital marketing manager at two other startups. During his time there he worked with both small teams and large groups of marketers and designers with multiple brands and marketing needs.

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