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Grow your business by marketing to humans, not data points.

The Digital Economy Runs on Attention, Experiences, & Trust.

To build long lasting customer relationships, modern mediums need modern strategies and tactics that capture these digital currencies.

Traditional marketing practices worked in the industrial economy. But in today’s digitally connected economy, where a democratized internet has humanized communications and relationships, we need a different set strategies and tactics. Enter human-centered marketing.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I help businesses capture attention, create engaging experiences, and win customer’s trust (and conversions) using human-centered marketing.

What is Human-Centered Marketing?

People-First Perspective

Behind every data point, email address, and click is a real human being.

Applying Human Communication

To build relationships with real humans, apply what we know about human relationships to messaging, branding, and relationships.

Relationship Generation

Focus on generating and nurturing relationships, not just leads. Build and measure systems that engage people.

Journeys, Not Funnels

Funnels were made for a different age, and people weren’t made for assembly lines. The customer journey is much bigger than their path to becoming a customer.

Human-Centered Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Consulting

I work with brands to help them grow their customer relationships through content, email marketing, social media, and more. I learn about your brand and business model, we set specific human-centered marketing goals, and I work with you to manage marketing projects.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the way brands start conversations with potential customers and typically the first way prospects self-disclose information about themselves. There’s no silver bullet to make content drive business results, but I’ll help you develop a content marketing strategy to overcome your business challenges and create content that attracts, nurtures, and converts clients.

Copywriting & Content Creation

What’s a content strategy without content? From blogs and social posts to ebooks and landing pages, I can assist with content creation and help you solve your key business and customer needs. With every content project, I research your target audience to ensure the tone and type of content are relevant.

Persona Development

Who is your business for? Their journey is bigger than just their path to becoming your customer. Together we map out specific buyer personas and where your brand intersects their journey, along with the kinds of content and sales support they’ll need before, during, and after the purchase.

Automation, Email, & CRM

Want to build and measure customer relationships with greater efficiency? Email, marketing automation, and CRM are the tools to make this happen. I can help you create emails and processes that increase engagement, personalize communications, and move prospects through the customer journey.

Website Building

Having a digital home is good. Getting your website to achieve business results is great, and that’s where I can help. Whether you’re a small business or a professional, there’s a creative way to showcase your work while providing content your website visitors need to take action.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Take the First Step to Improve Your Marketing. Request a One-to-One Strategy Session.

“Nick always considers the big picture when working on projects. Along with educating himself, he goes above and beyond to learn more about the industry…”

– Sophie Marinelli, SHI International Corp.

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