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Private practice websites and marketing, minus the hassle.

Get Help Marketing Your Private Practice with a Website as Good as You Are

Here’s the problem with marketing your private practice these days.

Every day thousands of people search online, looking for a therapist they’ll like and trust.

Therapists who have a good website and clear message have an easier time being found and connecting with these people.

For many, the thought of creating a website is so overwhelming, it keeps them from being found.

And even if they know where to start, having to meddle with website technology stands in the way.

You didn’t spend years learning theory and practicing with clients for a website to hold you back, right?

And yet, that’s exactly what’s keeping potential clients from finding therapists like you.

It can be enough to make you feel overwhelmed and alone.

What’s a good therapist supposed to do?
Fortunately for you, there’s help.

Start marketing your private practice online, hassle free.

At social:humanity, we understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your private practice, and we’re here to help you.

From buying a domain name, to handling all technical setup, to preparing your email, we’ll help you create a website that expresses your practice brand.

Your passion. Online. Hassle free.

Get a website you own, not rent.

A lot of companies offer a shiny website for a monthly fee. But if you want to leave, they’ll remove your site. That’s not cool! With us, you own all the rights to your website.

Pay once, own it forever. No monthly fees. No renting. Get a long-term asset without paying long-term fees.

Your website is you, online.

We know how crucial trust is for the therapist-client relationship. Your website should communicate the personality and presence of your practice authentically. If not, trust is broken.

We’ll help you with design and give you guidance for developing content if you need it. We won’t ever push changes that would compromise the authenticity of your website.

It’s your website, your words, your voice. Always.

Crystal clear pricing.

Because you’re unique, so is your private practice. You won’t find bloated website bundles with unnecessary add-ons here.

Together, we put together a plan for your website and marketing that’s unique to your needs. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting without no bells and whistles you don’t need.

Simple pricing. No surprise fees.

One-stop shop.

We know how annoying it is to chase down several companies to get the help you need. We can fix that.

Every website comes standard with technical setup and support, design, SEO, and content review for compliance and clarity.

Leave the technical website and email stuff to us, and we’ll help you plan the rest. All the website and marketing help you need in one stop.

Human centered marketing.

Your clients are people, not data points. That’s why we believe in human-centered marketing – marketing that is people-centric, not brand-centric.

We’ll help you focus on humanizing your marketing and intersecting people’s journeys rather than push people through a sales funnel. Everything we do starts and ends with this lens.

Support and tutorials.

Websites are like engines that need to be tuned and tweaked to run smoothly. After your website is launched we provide six months of support to make sure you’re happy with your website and any SEO efforts begin to work.

We’ll also provide you with tutorials for making changes and adding new content.

Get your website from someone who cares.

We have a personal stake in helping therapists. social:humanity is run by Nick Godwin, who is married to a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

This means we’re in a unique position to understand the unique intricacies and demands of starting and running a private practice. We’re not a pushy sales company, just one that wants to help therapists do better online marketing.


“You can always count on him to bring five ideas to the table (along with a cup of coffee.)”
– Jennifer Panick, Copywriter


How it Works.

Marketing your private practice is a process. Having a website that communicates what it’s like to work with you is just the beginning.

Good websites are improved with advanced SEO. Then social media, email, and other marketing efforts improve awareness and outreach.

But it all starts with a great website.

Define your project

Many therapists don’t know where to start. And that’s ok! We’ll spend an hour planning out the direction and vision for your website by talking about your goals for your private practice, the population you serve, and your needs.

We’ll take a look at other websites to get a feel for your design and presentation preferences so your website is an authentic representation of your brand.

Hands-off tech setup

We handle all the technology, from buying domains and setting up hosting, to installing WordPress and publishing your initial content.

Every website also comes with an essential tools package to run your website and see how it’s performing.

Content and SEO

Your website needs to communicate your voice and essence, so it’s important that all content come from you. This process helps you maintain trust while translating your client relationship from online to in-person.

If you want, we can give you guidance and help you clarify your message. All content is reviewed to ensure it’s SEO-friendly, organized in a logical flow, and is clear to your audience.

Build your webpages

We’ll create the pages designed to attract your ideal clients and set you apart. This includes visual design, branding elements, structuring the content, and optimizing for SEO.

Launch and support

Once you’ve reviewed your website and give the ok, we flip a switch and it goes live (yay!).

Along with tutorials showing you how to edit pages and add new content, you’ll get 6 months of technical support and 2 hours of hands-on training.

When you use social:humanity to build your website and brand, you’ll become part of a community of therapists connecting with potential clients online – from seasoned therapists with years of insights and experience to newcomers at the very beginning of their journey helping people.

Ready to Be Found Online?

Start Connecting with Thousands of People Searching for a Therapist.

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